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Fattso is a small company with a big heart.

"Here at Fattso, not only do we care about the quality of our food, we care about customer satisfaction, we care about the environment and having as minimal impact as possible, while providing a quality and memorable service" - The Fattso Team

Fattso Burger - An award winning food tuck situated in the city of Wells Somerset England

"Fast food, can be quality food. We are looking at ways of improving takeaway food, bringing new and exciting options to the local area" - The Fattso Team

Amazing burger! Jalapeño fries were excellent. Really easy to pre-order through Instagram and very happy! - Facebook Recommendation


One of the best burgers I have had. You could not tell it was from a van. I genuinely thought I was eating a burger and chips from a high end restaurant. Would 100% reccomend and 100% be there again. Anyone who does not go there is missing out! - Facebook Recommendation

12 FATTSO hvit.png
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